Blimey! Look What Arrived in the Post


I haven’t been so excited about a delivery since the births of my three sons. My heart raced as the DHL driver climbed the steps to my home and rang the doorbell.

I peeled open the envelope and pulled out the wallet-sized booklet with a firm cover and back.

“I am a Brit!” I refrained–barely–from yelling my excitement to the neighborhood.

Earlier this year, I discovered that I was (and always have been) a British citizen due to my father’s birth in Birmingham, England. But I wanted to be able to prove it.

So, I sent my dad’s birth certificate, my parents’ marriage certificate, my birth certificate and my American passport to Her Majesty’s passport office. Oh, and I also sent a passport photograph of a stern-looking old man (me, that is).

If only my parents had lived to see me join them as British citizens.

Brexit may devalue my British passport as a vehicle for travel and living in the European Union, but nothing can diminish my new passport’s place in my heart.


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10 thoughts on “Blimey! Look What Arrived in the Post

  1. Gail J

    Wow and it didn’t even take that long, did it? Very cool!

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  2. Debbie Gudger

    Congratulations, Reg! Well done, old chap! So when you travel which passport will you use? Debbie

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  3. Cheer’s to you!! Looking forward to joining you soon in this endeavor. Joe

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  4. Jeannie

    That’s bloody amazing! You’re not going to go all posh on us, are you? It sounds like you’re over the moon! 🌝

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  5. cindalu voight

    WOW Regie!!!! This is awesome news! You lucky guy. Have fun with that. Lu and Alan


  6. Great news. You’ll be able to switch personalities wherever you go now! Sound a bit like a spy with multiple passports. You will need to keep them in a safety deposit box with different currencies and a pistol.

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  7. jasonlikestotravel

    Congrats! They always look nice when they’re brand new, hope you get plenty of use out of it 🙂


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