Climbing Mountains


I love this quote, but after my online search, the author remains unknown.

In our nearly 36 years together, Reg and I have climbed a lot of mountains.  As a couple, we’ve climbed our share of emotional mountains.  In more recent years we’ve struggled with our abilities to climb physical peaks on long distance hiking trails.

The key to our success, I believe, is that one of us always sings…metaphorically speaking of course!



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5 thoughts on “Climbing Mountains

  1. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Singing helps for sure. I sang much of the John Muir Trail. It didn’t make me faster but helped me get where I needed to go. You and Reg are a team. That is where the singing is

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  2. Ah singing whilst you walk, that’s one of Jo’s things that can occasionally be lovely but is often completely the opposite. Keep walking though.


  3. Jackie Bachman

    So true! I’m a singer all the way!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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