Just a Short Walk


Many of our restaurants offer curbside pickup, so we grabbed sandwiches on our way out.

Twenty minutes into our hike, we stepped off the trail and settled into a lunch spot with a view of Mt. Ashland.  Day 45 of isolation for us also happened to be Reg’s birthday, so we celebrated with a hike along a short section of the iconic Pacific Crest Trail.

Our turnaround spot was the Hobart Bluff viewpoint, a destination we thought was just over two miles from our starting point.  Four miles later, after climbing steadily uphill and dodging a few patches of snow, we arrived.  A much longer walk than we intended, but well worth it!

Hobart Bluff Viewpoint

Regardless of the cloudy haze, the view from the point was astounding.

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18 thoughts on “Just a Short Walk

  1. Ken Gudger

    Reg and Sue….

    What a great way to break your isolation!

    Reg, it looks like you went for the Big haircut! I like it! Debbie did mine earlier this week – I think she did a good job, but not as radical as yours.

    By the way….. Last week I heard from the OHRA Bookkeeper that you two made a very significant donation. THANK YOU! As you know serving those who live in poverty is a double challenge in the middle of a pandemic. I’ve attached a brief update which the OHRA Board received on Tuesday of this week. (This is not a “public report” so please don’t forward … however we do communicate all this info to new media and other interested parties as requested). If you’ve got any questions please let me know.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Reg!



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    • I’ll take your comment as a compliment to my barber skills! A little shorter than Reg was expecting, but no bald spots!
      As for the donation…we were simply paying it forward and were happy to do so!


  2. Ellen JONES

    A belated happy cake day to Reg. Hope we can celebrate in person sooner then later!
    Your view is truly beautiful.
    Cheers to you both!

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  3. Malcolm Robertson

    looks great, I like the haircut, stay safe.

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  4. Cynthia Elliott

    Happy birthday Reg. It looks as if you are winning at pandemic life!

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  5. Jackie Bachman

    Happy Birthday Reg! We just drove up to Lake of the Woods and walked along the lake for a bit with Molly. It was crisp, clear, and beautiful! So happy to get out! Hugs, Jackie

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122 Jackie.bachman53@gmail.com


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  6. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Reg! You and Sue are amazing with your hikes.

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  7. Jeannie

    Nice! Love the view; love the trillium! Looks like a good isolation activity and an excellent birthday activity 💝🥂

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    • Ohhh…trillium. I didn’t know what there were, but all of a sudden they are everywhere! Saw some really pretty purple ones on a hillside, but couldn’t photograph.


  8. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Happy Birthday young man. And of course Happy Trails. I don’t think I’ll ever do the whole PCT but have been on parts of it. In fact most people believe the JMT is the most beautiful part and I feel fortunate to have seen that. Love following along on your travels.

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  9. Wow what a great walk to make during these isolated times. Looks like an incredible view.

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