Timing is Everything

Because Reg and I both were quite sick in early March, we are entering into our fourth week of self-isolation at home in Oregon.  Did we have the virus?  Who knows, but timing, as they say, is everything.  These past few weeks have given us much time to reflect.

We may be stuck indoors, but we enjoy the ever changing view out our front window.

We returned from England and our South West Coast Path adventure last year in early October.  As it turns out, over the past six months, our timing has been extremely fortunate.  Two days after returning home, I found myself driving 600 miles south, to California, to assist my 93 year old father who was still living in my family home…alone.  I bullied him (yes, I did) into a move to an assisted living facility, both for his safety and our family’s peace of mind.  A fortuitous move as his health declined rapidly over the next couple of months.

We said goodbye to my Dad (pictured above) three days before Christmas.  He was the last of his generation on either side of our families.  He hoped to one day celebrate his 100th birthday, but that was not meant to be.  In January, with the help of an amazing realtor (who snapped the official “sold” photo of Dad’s house) we sadly closed the door of the home and life he loved.  Our boys and their partners all made the trip out to California, joining us, along with my brother Kenny, as we said our final goodbyes.

Reg and I returned home in February, feeling somewhat lost as we came to terms with the fact that we were now the “older” generation.  As we settled back into a routine we began to feel the pull of adventure once again.  Perhaps another distance trek would get us back on track.  But where?

As you can see, we are not at a loss for ideas.

Once again, timing proved to be everything.   The decision of where to go was taken out our of our hands.  For the time being, we will remain armchair travelers, experiencing adventure through our television programming.  While not as exciting, it has allowed us some pretty amazing adventures…ones we’d never dream of attempting.  For now, we’ll focus on remaining healthy and settling  for walks around the neighborhood.



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12 thoughts on “Timing is Everything

  1. cindalu voight

    Dear Reg and Sue, So good to hear from you two…..and that you have recovered from what very easily could have been the virus since you were in an area of high infestation about the time we all learned about how it hit Washington state and the NW so bad. Guess you will be able to get your blood tested when those tests become available to know for sure. Perhaps your blood (plasma), IF you had it, will be able to save others. The view out your window is spectacular. Hunkering down with that view is a real blessing!!! We were sorry to hear about your hero Dad. Even though he made it to Assisted Living, he’d be in an unpleasant lock-down situation had he survived for the virus. You are blessed to have had him with you as long as you did. It IS odd to realize that WE are now the OLDER generation!! Even here in Platte county we are hunkering down, keeping our social distance, and washing our hands. Daily walks and dog training sessions enable us to get fresh air and exercise. I’m beginning to putter around in the yard and work on gardening projects. Unfortunately we had two days of zero degree weather last week that resulted in our poor tulips looking bleached and all the daffodils drooping. I don’t know if get ANY spring flowers this year. I knew when I saw those babies emerging a few weeks ago that it was too early! I’ll let you know if ANYTHING survives! IF you plan to travel this way, we HOPE to have a spectacular House Concert on August 26th at my brother’s place: Sunrise, Wyoming YMCA. The artist is one of my favorite singer/songerwriters of all time and someone you probably never heard of: Jack Williams. His web site is jackwilliamsmusic.com. You can hear many of his songs on YouTube: Jack Williams Top Tracks is one of the best youtube search handles. It would be magical if you could plan your trip during those days in August. OF COURSE all of these plans are subject to the virus at that time. But, hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan in place anyway! I’ll give you another site to check for Sunrise, Wyoming, to give you an idea of how special it is!

    Here’s a informative and promotional kind of video made in 2017 when my brother, John Voight, hosted visitors/campers for a few days around August 21st when the eclipse came directly over us in Sunrise! Spectacular!!!

    OK: So, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! Virtual HUGS your way. Lu and Alan

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    • So good to hear from you. We’d love nothing more than to head East for a visit. Hard to know when that might be possible. For now, stay safe and healthy. Sue


  2. We will mis Andy and his great stories 😦 . Looking forward to better times ahead for us all , Joe and Lynne

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    • Well, we all heard the stories many times didn’t we? Kids went through Dad’s WWII photo album from Guam and finally had faces for all the guys in his stories.


  3. Jamey

    ❤️quite a roller coaster for you both ❤️. Glad to hear you are now healthy and staying safe in Ashland.. things quiet around Napa. Erin’s June wedding most likely going to be a “to be determined “….. I’m walking here in Napa-often with Sue’s sister, Helen.. the goal is to walk the distance from Napa to Santa Barbara-in support of Sue B. ❤️finding plenty to do here. I am still very good at procrastinating-even though I have so many “free” hours during the day!!! I’ll tackle that garage..soon….. 💗to you both-stay safe Jamey

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  4. Cynthia Elliott

    Dingle! No Corfu. I can’t decide where YOU should go! Very sorry to read of the loss of your father. Glad the family rallied ’round when it was safe to do so. We are well and taking hikes in our neighborhood to view wildflowers and clean air. Our OSF is cancelled. Quite disappointed. Big hugs

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    • Thanks Cynthia. I still have moments when I feel the need to call Dad 🙁.
      Reg says for every month of isolation we endure, he gets an equal number of months in Europe. Maybe we walk them all!


  5. Glad to hear you’re both well now and saddened to hear of your loss. I look forward to hearing your travel plans for when the world opens back up for business. Stay safe.

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  6. right here with you as armchair travelers. stay safe and well.

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