Basilica Honors San Zeno, Who Transformed Verona

We had to find things to do between the great meals in Verona, and this find was a gem: The San Zeno Maggiore, built beginning in the 7th Century to honor the patron saint of Verona. Tour books call this one of the most memorable churches in northern Italy.


One of many frescos inside the church

The nave's ceiling is meant to resemble an overturned boat.

The altar of the church to remember St. Zeno, who was born in Africa and as a bishop converted Verona to Christianity.

The arches in the cloister are both Gothic and Romanesque.

Sue and a friend pose in front of the church.















A small section of the bronze figures that cover the massive wooden front doors.


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2 thoughts on “Basilica Honors San Zeno, Who Transformed Verona

  1. Nothing changed much in two years in Verona, and St.Zeno is still there: and ))

    It seems we often have been taking the same kind of pics.


    • 2orangebags

      It sure does. I thought San Zeno was an impressive place in one of my favorite cities. Happy travels.


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