Our Shadows Return!

Checking the news and email at Piazza Bra.




We awoke to the promise of a clear blue sky today – our last day in Verona. After three days of rain and a temperature drop of close to 30 degrees, the sun was a welcome sight indeed! We have come to know our neighborhood well and couldn't have asked for a better location from which to explore this beautiful city.

We have walked and walked…careful to always have a street map in a pocket or purse. Good advice for future visitors; the winding alleyways will never lead you where you expect to go. As we pack our bags, we leave you with some of our favorite Verona memories…not always what is seen in the guide books.

Snow-capped mountains to the west...we knew it was cold!

View of Verona and the Adige River

The market in Piazza Erbe vanishes at some point Saturday night, but returns again Monday morning. This was our favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.


Charming apartments face Piazza Erbe.

When I come back, I will shop! Perhaps I should have done what one friend suggested; simply buy all new clothes and leave my old ones behind! So very tempting….


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2 thoughts on “Our Shadows Return!

  1. Kathy Chappell

    Since I am home today sick, I got this immediately when you sent it, and it sort of feels like we are together and you are showing me pictures of your trip. Everything looks so beautiful and your trip truly sounds wonderful. we want to hear about EVERYTHING when you are home. Miss you, Kathy


    • So sorry you are not feeling well. We are (I am freezing) in Piazza Erbe posting and checking email. Dinner is next on our agenda. So glad you are enjoying the photos…we kind of feel like we have brought you all along on the trip with us! We will try not to bore you with too many details when we arrive home. Love to you and Doug, Sue


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