Tilt Brings Fame to This Bell Tower

The horizon behind the cathedral defies our notion of gravity in this photo taken from the belfry.

The tower leans five degrees, 17.5 feet.


On our last day of an Italy tour that began more than three weeks ago, we drove to Pisa to see another iconic structure, the Torre Pendente, or Leaning Tower. It defies gravity and logic. It throws off your equilibrium as soon as you step inside and even more so as you climb the 300 stairs to the belfry.

As I look at our photos, I still feel off kilter, although it might be partly due to the Italian birra that has left my glass.

The bell tower began leaning soon after construction began in 1173. Modern engineering has halted the tilt for at least 200 more years. I wish engineers could do the same for me.





It took us awhile to get our smiles after climbing the 300 stairs.

One of seven leaning bells near the top.


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6 thoughts on “Tilt Brings Fame to This Bell Tower

  1. Sandi Van Epps

    I have loved reading your blog and following you around Europe. I wish you could stay longer and keep writing!! Many of your pictures bring back great memories of our trip to Europe and others make me want to start planning another trip. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! Sandi 🙂


  2. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Halting the tilt for 200 years. Does that mean staying on the straight and narrow for 200 years ? We have really enjoyed keeping up with your travels. Your blog has been just great. I want to do the same. Cheers Malcolm.


  3. Wasn’t it fun? We climbed it in April of this year! Great post.


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