Sculptures in Florence Are Memorable Figures

Sue stands next to the Neptune Fountain in Piazza della Signoria.






Piazzas in Italy are still the gathering places they have been for centuries. Today, they attract tourists and often feature great architecture and opportunities to grab a drink and/or meal at an outdoor cafe.

One, the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, is breathtaking as a sculpture exhibit. In a place where a bell once signaled an important public meeting, people from around the world gather and take photos to record their visit.


The piazza features several sculpture of nudes entangled with each other. Can anyone identify this one?

From one piece of marble, Giambologna carved the Rape of the Sabine Women.


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6 thoughts on “Sculptures in Florence Are Memorable Figures

  1. Carole

    Hi to you both. You have dragged us into the new experience of ‘blogging’ – and are so glad you did! We are loving following you around Italy – we almost feel we’re there with you – and your accounts of the places you’ve been in certainly make us wish we were!
    Carole & Beaton xx


    • Hello Carole and Beaton,
      Thanks so much for the nice note. It makes us feel like we could raise our glasses and share a toast with you!
      Love and all our best,
      Reg and Sue


  2. Carolyn

    Is Hercules in the neighborhood?


  3. Cynthia And Chris

    Grreat photos!

    In other news, our son finally proposed to Harold’s daughter. You have a big party in your future!


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