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Paris: A most walkable city

If you want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you need reservations months in advance. You can walk the first two levels, though, for 5€

It was Sunday, a bit chilly and overcast in Paris. Not a bad day for a walkabout. Our neighborhood bakery was closed, so we had to settle for a breakfast baguette from a grocery store, with the usual butter and jam. We packed a few picnic items and were off, walking first along the Seine several miles to the Eiffel Tower.

Zigzagging through neighborhoods, we found Luxembourg Garden, 60 acres filled with virtually everything a park should have. It oozed relaxation and many parts of the park looked like an impressionist painting brought to life. Lots of people about, children playing in the huge playground, men playing bocce ball, teenagers being kids, and people of all ages sitting as time passed.

The garden was quintessentially French, a place where life seems unhurried.

Sue enjoys one of the many small area and sculptures in Luxembourg Garden.

Remote-controlled sailboats in front of Luxembourg Palace at the park.

A group wrestling match is frozen in time at Luxembourg Garden.

A caramel crepe, a chair and the Luxembourg Garden made a perfect treat.

Paris remains in a state of emergency since the terrorist attacks and heavily armed military and police officers are everywhere. Patrolling vehicles are visible from almost every corner.


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Sculptures in Florence Are Memorable Figures

Sue stands next to the Neptune Fountain in Piazza della Signoria.






Piazzas in Italy are still the gathering places they have been for centuries. Today, they attract tourists and often feature great architecture and opportunities to grab a drink and/or meal at an outdoor cafe.

One, the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, is breathtaking as a sculpture exhibit. In a place where a bell once signaled an important public meeting, people from around the world gather and take photos to record their visit.


The piazza features several sculpture of nudes entangled with each other. Can anyone identify this one?

From one piece of marble, Giambologna carved the Rape of the Sabine Women.


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