South West Coast Path: Endless Anticipation

It has been six months since we sat down with guidebooks, maps and iPads to book the lodgings for our South West Coast Path trek.  At the time, the trip was well in the future so we were fairly relaxed about the plans.  Now that our September start date is just around the corner, the pre-trek jitters are beginning to surface…everything from “Will our backpacks arrive when we do?” to “Can we conquer the endless, daily ups and downs the path demands?”  Mostly, I think, we are simply ready to just get going; to take that first step and announce, “We’re off!”

To get in the spirit and to offer support, we joined the South West Coast Path Association. As a part of our membership, we received a copy of their guide (pictured above) which includes, in addition to the above trail map, details of every aspect of walking England’s longest way-marked footpath.

The entire path is 630 miles, beginning in Minehead, Somerset and following the coastline down and around to Poole Harbour, Dorset. As you might imagine, that is a far too ambitious goal for carryoncouple. If all goes well, we will complete our trek at the most westerly point of mainland England, Land’s End, West Cornwall, 260 miles (give or take) from our Minehead starting point.

We’ll see you soon…on the trail!

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16 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: Endless Anticipation

  1. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    So excited for you. Have a great time and keep us posted. Happy trails

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  2. Nancy Hardwick

    Good luck & have a great time! I will enjoy your posts, as always!

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  3. Elaine

    Good luck, enjoy and happy trekking. It will be fun to follow your progress.


  4. Jamey

    Whew! A lot of footsteps! How long do you anticipate that you two will be on this route? So happy that you keep your friends up-to-date on your adventures!

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  5. Jackie Bachman

    Can’t wait to enjoy your trip vicariously! Safe travels!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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  6. Jamey

    Sue and Reg, When is departure date? Weather predictions? Thinking of you two trekkers!


    • We are twiddling our thumbs until next week. We’ve been so lucky with dry weather on previous treks, but suspect we will have some wet days this time. Just hoping it will be drizzle rather than downpour. Fingers crossed…


  7. Annie

    We met a man on the YARTS bus who hiked 11 days on John Muir Trail…he did about 180 miles….so yours is a LOT father. Safe travels.

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    • Well, we may be walking farther, but we get a shower and comfy bed every night…and if we’re lucky, a second cup of coffee mid morning. Eleven days in the wilderness?? Yikes! I would never survive the John Muir Trail!


      • Lori Oliver-Tierney

        You might survive better than you think on the JMT. You and Reg are resourceful. happy trails


  8. Safe travels!

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