Surprise lurks behind ancient artifact in Pompeii

We went on our recent adventure to Italy without a roadmap of expectations and were pleasantly surprised by our discoveries most of the time. In this case, I should have read the warning signs. Can you guess what living thing I have found in this photo taken in Pompeii?


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10 thoughts on “Surprise lurks behind ancient artifact in Pompeii

  1. Carolyn

    What is the featherey thing on the rope in the foreground?


  2. Cynthia



  3. doggy


  4. Carolyn

    Charlie was sure it was a raccoon. He saw a TV show that claimed due to a cartoon that represented the raccoon as a cuddly pet many people in Europe tried to domesticate them. When that didn’t work out, they let the raccoons go to the wild and Europe became overrun with them. The raccoons made homes in the temples and began to eat up all the old timbers. Now it is a big problem. Anyway it is an interesting slant on the discovery of the doggy behind the water reservoir.


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