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A California diversion leads to secret World War II radar station

Radar Station 71 is preserved as a National Historic site.

The buildings are perched on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean.

Fake dormers were added to make the buildings look like farm structures.


A narrow, one-way dirt road near the mouth of the Klamath River in California's Del Norte County led us to an important World War II site today, perched above the Pacific Ocean.

Disguised as farm buildings, the early warning system housed radar to watch for Japanese submarines and planes.

Radar Station 71 is the last preserved coastal outpost that was part of a string of such defensive sites. Fifty-caliber anti-aircraft guns stood guard. American military watched, ready to summon help from San Francisco if a Japanese attack was imminent.

We couldn't help but imagine what it was like at this outpost more than 70 years ago when our nation's security depended on the people at this place.


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My life’s next step: Camino de Santiago


As I begin walking the Way of St. James, I am humbled by the millions who for centuries have trekked before me.

Life's path can be too linear. Although the Camino de Santiago is a defined trail, I look forward to the detours.

The Camino experience brings me to Asian philosophy. “Tao” in Taoism means the “way,” and Taoism teaches that things should grow in nature with minimal interference. Life is not meant to be a struggle for personal gain. The path is more important than the destination, Taoism teaches. Live in the moment.

The Camino is a journey with mystery and intrigue. The physical challenge of walking 500 miles. A diverse group of trekkers sharing quarters. The history. The weather. The languages. The food. The cultures. And, of course, the wine.

One step at a time.



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Pompeii mystery solved!

What “lurked” behind the artifact in Pompeii? Yes, it was a dog, as a friend in Scotland wrote. Dogs have quite a history in Pompeii and still inhabit the city. They seem at home despite the parade of visitors wandering the ruins. I had not seen the signs warning about the dogs and nearly stepped on the snoozing guy.


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Surprise lurks behind ancient artifact in Pompeii

We went on our recent adventure to Italy without a roadmap of expectations and were pleasantly surprised by our discoveries most of the time. In this case, I should have read the warning signs. Can you guess what living thing I have found in this photo taken in Pompeii?


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