My life’s next step: Camino de Santiago


As I begin walking the Way of St. James, I am humbled by the millions who for centuries have trekked before me.

Life's path can be too linear. Although the Camino de Santiago is a defined trail, I look forward to the detours.

The Camino experience brings me to Asian philosophy. “Tao” in Taoism means the “way,” and Taoism teaches that things should grow in nature with minimal interference. Life is not meant to be a struggle for personal gain. The path is more important than the destination, Taoism teaches. Live in the moment.

The Camino is a journey with mystery and intrigue. The physical challenge of walking 500 miles. A diverse group of trekkers sharing quarters. The history. The weather. The languages. The food. The cultures. And, of course, the wine.

One step at a time.



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6 thoughts on “My life’s next step: Camino de Santiago

  1. Carolyn

    How beautiful! Wish I were younger and stronger to go with you but I will find “the way” to my path and follow your lead.


  2. Betty

    Wishing you a wonderful journey…. enjoy!


  3. Best wishes for your journey. I hope you achieve whatever you are hoping to by taking the Camino. I’ve been inspired by following a number of others journeys and know I will do it myself one day.

    I’ll look forward to following and being inspired by yours too!


    • We appreciate your support very much. We are pushing ourselves well beyond our comfort zone with this journey. We will be in touch from the Camino!
      Best wishes, Reg and Sue


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