What Was I Thinking? The Camino de Santiago


“What else do we have to do with our time?” I responded when Reg expressed his disbelief. Having just watched the Martin Sheen movie The Way, I was fascinated with the idea of walking The Camino de Santiago.

Why? That's a tough question…or maybe it's really quite simple. Life is short. More and more often I'm reminded that my time here is limited. In a world where it's far too easy lose sight of what's important, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to slow down and appreciate the beauty that each day brings.

I believe faith is the common denominator on the Camino. Religious faith leads many along The Way. Some are guided by their spiritual faith while others seek to define a personal faith. Will this change my life? Undoubtably, but at this point, I can't fathom what is in store for me. I'm eager to discover who will share this journey; to hear their story, share a meal and perhaps walk a few miles together.


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4 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking? The Camino de Santiago

  1. Bonnie

    Mike and I will be following along with your progress and sending best wishes and strength with every footstep. What an experience you will have!


  2. Cynthia

    Good to read that you are opening your mind and heart to a spiritual dimension on the Camino. That is, after all, what it’s for. I can’t wait to read what happens.


    • I think an open mind is essential when attempting to walk the Camino…for a lot of reasons. We are both trying very hard to not have specific expectations. Stay in touch. We’ll look forward to your comments and observations!


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