The Shoes Are Everything: The Camino de Santiago

When I was still working, the Bunco Girls used to marvel at my shoes. I always arrived straight from work, sporting a spiffy pair of heels and claiming to be able to walk in anything! I love heels; partially (yes, I'll admit it) because I think they make my feet look smaller.

Since everything looks great in a size 6, and I haven't worn anything that small since 5th grade, purchasing clunky hiking shoes created some personal anxiety. After trying on numerous sizes and styles, I heard Vanity whispering in my ear, “Take the size 8! They'll be fine.” However, Reality was shouting from behind, “You better buy the 9 or you”ll be sorry…”

Fortunately common sense won out, and I purchased the larger size…a smart decision! Reg and I have put over 150 practice miles on our shoes and have we have yet to experience a blister. I can only hope that our good luck will continue as we put our shoes to the test!


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4 thoughts on “The Shoes Are Everything: The Camino de Santiago

  1. Congratulations on this endeavor! Something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ll get there someday. Look forward to following your journey along El Camino! And good decision on the bigger boots… I’ve done a lot of long distance hiking and always go up at least half a size in hiking boots. Remember, you want enough room to wear thick wool socks, too! Have so much fun!


  2. Jamey

    Susan, embrace your foot size:) I think you were so wise to go “up” and not let vanity take over. Keep the posts coming- living vicariously through you am Reg !


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