How Far Have We Walked? Camino de Santiago

Removing shoes during rest stops is a life saver. Yes, that's my ankle that's held together with Velcro...the remnants of a sprained ankle last far, so good.

At the end of the day, tired feet are a given! Sore knees, ankles and shoulders are common complaints, and blisters have ended many a journey after only a few days. We began our day today (April 18) after walking 19 miles yesterday! Our longest day yet, and of course, the warmest day. That brought our total mileage to 101 in eight days. We staggered into the town of Santo Domingo De Calzada last night hot and tired. Reg is holding up pretty well, but my left pinkie toe had become one giant blister. Fortunately, I found a handsome young Spaniard at the albergue who was an expert in foot care. All is much better today!


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7 thoughts on “How Far Have We Walked? Camino de Santiago

  1. trish

    lovely pair o legs


  2. Cynthia

    Wonderful niche market: foot care for walkers on the Camino!


    • Absolutely, Cynthia! Coffee and/or lunch carts would do well too. Had a wonderful meal with Camino friends from Oxford, England tonight. But, a long, uphill, cold slog tomorrow. Where is the coffee cart?


  3. Looks like you have Merrel Boots the same ones that carried me 500 miles back in Sept.


  4. Luisa

    Just arrived in Pamplona,having a quiet night. Setting out in the morning to start our wall!!


  5. Jamey

    Oh, Susan, your toe story is sad EXCEPT for the handsome Spaniard part…
    101 miles! I am so thrilled to hear of the warm support from local residents-kindness sems to be the culture along the Camino.
    Are there places of worship along the way? i guess That was my impression…. you are helping to show all of your Blog-readers many new sights and perspectives- thank you!
    Hope you have found peaceful sleeping quarters tonight. Jamey. Your hair still looks amazing, by the way!


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