Sites and sounds of Camino de Santiago

Fields of wheat, along with olive groves and vineyards have dominated the Camino, with snow-capped peaks looming.

The Camino visits another village.

Many of the locals, especially the older Spaniards, have welcomed us as we pass. It goes like this:

“Buenos dias!” Or “hola,” (Us)

“Buenos dias! Buen Camino!” (The locals)

“Gracias!” (Us)

Some stop to tell us stories or to direct us to some site ahead. They speak in rapid-fire Spanish and we nod and say “Si! Gracias!” One even drew pictures to accompany his story.

If we take a wrong turn, we are soon redirected to the Camino path. One man even walked us to the correct street in his town.

The Camino spirit is strong.

Below, the ruins of a 12th-century albergue and pilgrim hospital border the Camino, which doubles as an exercise path for locals outside Logrono.




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