Where are we sleeping? Camino de Santiago

This private room (shown in top photo) provided us with sheets and a bath. Last night (April 17) we stayed in a hostel with well over 100 beds. We were shown to a room for ten on the fourth floor, but no one else arrived to share it with us. A quiet night after all!

At the end of the day, all that matters is a hot shower, good food and a place to lay our heads. However, the Pilgrim life is often lacking in privacy. Sometimes we are lucky enough to snag a private room in the albergue (hostel). They cost a little more, but usually have a private bath which has become a real luxury!


Other evenings find us sharing sleeping quarters with fellow Pilgrims; men and women of all ages, spread out in dorm rooms far more crowded than any of us would like. Our first night on the trail found us sharing a room with 13 others! We're glad we brought along the Tylenol PM!



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2 thoughts on “Where are we sleeping? Camino de Santiago

  1. Carolyn

    Great Posts. You are truly in the middle of an exciting adventure. I loved the wine fountain and the Pilgrim breakfast looked fabulous. Keep on trekking my friends. Today is Cathy’s birthday #56. I will be thinking of you Reg on the 29th. Two wonderful friends born in the same month.


    • Thank you, Carolyn.
      Happy birthday, Cathy!
      Had a fantastic meal with Camino friends from Oxford, England tonight…tomorrow, a long trek in cold, perhaps rainy weather.


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