Sunday, a day of rest in Burgos: Camino de Santiago

The Burgos Cathedral was built in the 13th century and is surrounded by narrow medieval streets.

While Sue was resting her foot, I strolled around Burgos on this chilly Sunday morning. Few people were about and virtually all stores were closed. Some bars (like cafes with food, coffees and booze) were open, so we will find a place near our hotel to eat dinner. I saw several Camino friends on my walk. We will likely stay here again Monday because we don't want to resume the Camino until Sue is much better. Our friends are moving on, but there are always new pilgrims to meet along the way. We are both disappointed, but we are determined to continue! The Camino spirit is still strong.


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10 thoughts on “Sunday, a day of rest in Burgos: Camino de Santiago

  1. trish

    Take it easy Sue tomorrow is another day


    • You’re right. We had planned all along to take an extra night here in Burgos…however I didn’t expect to miss the fun today.


  2. Bonnie

    Sending hugs to both of you, and especially to Sue – wishes for a quick foot healing!


  3. Ellen

    Hey Sue .. you are a warrior woman! It’s amazing what you and Reg are accomplishing! Hang in there! Tom and I enjoy reading the posts and seeing the beautiful pictures.


    • “Warrior Woman” sounds a little extreme…I was pretty wimpy yesterday…we took a taxi! But, glad you like the blog…we appreciate all the support from friends!


  4. Carolyn

    Sue, you have great recuperative power. Be safe and enjoy the extended time to get to know the travelers. I’m sure information of your situation is spreading and if not hold “court” and fill in the passing through Pilgrims. My positive ions are coming your way with love.


    • Thanks Carolyn…I’m on the lookout for those positive ions! I think we’ll start walking tomorrow…but just a short way. I’ll see how I feel in the AM.


  5. Jeannie

    Gorgeous archtecture! Hope you’re back in the saddle…errr…hiking boots soon, Sue!


    • Hello Jeannie! The foot is healing…you really need to consider the Camino!!! You would LOVE this! Thanks for staying in touch.


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