The Camino Will Provide: Camino de Santiago

We will miss our friends from Denmark. Experienced Pilgrims, they both helped us to feel at home on the Camino.

We met James and Gitta our first night on the Camino. Both are experienced walkers, world travelers and lots of fun. We lost track of them several days ago and knowing they were leaving the Camino well before Santiago, were afraid we would not have a chance to say our goodbyes.

As luck would have it, Reg bumped into them this afternoon while wandering through the historical city center of Burgos. Had I not had the foot problems, we may have moved on this morning and missed out on the chance for one last meal together. Thank you James and Gitta…for everything!


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4 thoughts on “The Camino Will Provide: Camino de Santiago

  1. Katy

    Preparing for a fairy tale wedding here at home. Extremely busy but liking the results. It all sounds so adventurous and you are weaving wonderful memories. We are grateful to share them. Keep on trekking.


  2. Jamey

    Sue and Reg- looks like fate “stepped in” and your day of rest gave you a day to celebrate with Camino- found friends! Sue, I know you are following doctpr’s orders! Heal quickly and I can’t wait to see the next post! Your photos are filled with rich details – thank you for sharing your journey!


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