The plains in Spain: Camino de Santiago

Our trek west from Burgos Tuesday took us to 3,000-foot plains and the village (middle photo) where we are spending the night. We scored a private room in a large albergue for just 25 euro (about $32). Piles of rocks everywhere; we think farmers moved them to make room for wheat. We have left the vineyards behind.


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2 thoughts on “The plains in Spain: Camino de Santiago

  1. Jamey

    Yay-a private room! Sue, is your foot bandaged? Eeck- you are a tough cookie! Love the card game post!
    The countryside is beautiful (even without vines!)- the rock piles are like informal sculptures…is the weather still cool? You look bundled up with bare feet:)
    Joyful caminando!


    • Hi Jamey, mornings have been cold, but sunshine is warm in later afternoon. Countryside still beautiful, but changing as we cross the Mesa area…bit more desolate with long straight stretches ahead of us. Just my baby toe is wrapped, but taped together with next one to keep all in place. Sheesh!


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