A Kiss is Just a Kiss: Camino de Santiago


This kindly Spanish gentleman greeted me as we walked through the sleepy town of Castrojeriz. He wished me “Buen Camino,” then proceeded to hold a very one sided conversation. “No comprendo,” I tried to explain. What a friendly man I thought as he leaned in and gave me a European-style kiss, linked his arm through mine and continued his conversation.

Reg snapped this photo, then wandered down the street, leaving me hooked together with this chatty Spaniard. As I pulled away, he leaned in and quicker than I could say “adios,” planted a kiss smack on my lips!

I have know idea what he was saying, but he smiled as he waved goodbye.


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4 thoughts on “A Kiss is Just a Kiss: Camino de Santiago

  1. trish

    hey was he a single man??? bring him to scotland


  2. Betty

    Oh my you have been “Picked-up” so to speak….


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