Home is Where You Hang Your Hat: Camino de Santiago

Above is the Parador Hostal San Marcos de Leon, a 16th-century former monastery. You might recognize it if you've seen the Martin Sheen movie The Way. Now a hotel, we met a young couple who had spent Saturday night there. Below are examples of what seem to be homes built into the earth, with only the front door area open to light. Many have chimneys protruding from the grass covered roofs. They appear to be lived in...what a contrast!


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5 thoughts on “Home is Where You Hang Your Hat: Camino de Santiago

  1. Now I feel so at home! This is where my Camino started, and I remember these Teletubby houses very well!!!


  2. We are enjoying your daily updates! I hope your feet are healing well. It is fascinating to hear about all of the interestiong people you are meeting along the way. Take care!


    • Thanks, Cathy and Greg. Sue is feeling better after our walk today…a vino tinto didn’t hurt. We just met two more people…a woman from Australia and her friend from Texas. They have been friends since they were six. The four of us had wine in a small village bar. It was filled with local men playing dominoes and cards.

      This is their first day on the Camino and they were talking about their alarm at the coed bathroom…one was using the toilet while a Frenchman was taking a shower. Most albergues have separate facilities, though.


  3. Jamey

    I am in awe with each new post! Really, I send these to Alex and Erin! Each step onto the next mile seems to open up new friendships, encounters, history….and you’ve noted a few cervezas and vinos:) love to you both.


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