Leon – 183 Miles To Go: Camino de Santiago

Leon offered us a taste of city life.

We spent Saturday night in Leon, a beautiful city of 130,000. Although the sun was shining, a cold wind kept us bundled up. The late 13th century Gothic Cathedral dominates the Plaza Regal. Renowned for its magnificent 125 stained glass windows, the beauty was hard to capture in a photograph.


We'd heard from our son about the late-night social scene he and friends enjoyed while in Spain. As we left the city about 8:00 Sunday morning, we passed many groups of young people who appeared to be just winding up their Saturday night celebrating.




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One thought on “Leon – 183 Miles To Go: Camino de Santiago

  1. The Gregorian music in this cathedal, and the settng sun behind that stained glass windows gav me an image of peace and rest that I will treasure for all my days…


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