El Puente Peregrino: Camino de Santiago

While most Pilgrims speed through this town, we found the perfect spot to spend the night. Owners Santiago and Elly made us feel right at home after a quick look around at the local church.

We stumbled upon this pension, El Puente Peregrino, in Trabadelo and knew it was the place for us! We spent a lazy Saturday afternoon on the bench out front, chatting with the owners and a couple from New Zealand who have been keeping pace with us for several days. Santiago cooked and Elly served us a delicious vegetarian meal of tomato soup and lasagna with a chocolate crepe for dessert. Reg was able to fill up on bacon, eggs and potatoes this morning…fuel for the climb we knew was ahead of us!


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2 thoughts on “El Puente Peregrino: Camino de Santiago

  1. Sounds like Reg got himself a real New Yok diner breakfast there … with a start of the day like that no challenge should be too difficult (once youre finished digesting, that is)


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