Camino climbs to new heights of beauty

Sunday took us up again to the medieval mountaintop village of O'Cebreiro. We climbed 2,400 feet; most of the ascent came during the last part of the 12-mile trek. We stay in the mountains for awhile and will drop down to our destination, Santiago, now just 95 miles away.

We began Sunday in a river valley, then climbed quickly. Sue took the photo of me about half way up our climb.

We shared the trail with a rancher and his stock. O'Cebreiro offered the perfect resting place; our room is on the upper right of the far building.


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4 thoughts on “Camino climbs to new heights of beauty

  1. Jeannie

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! What an inspiration!


    • Thank you, Jeannie.
      We are about 80 miles from Santiago this afternoon. Rain day tomorrow.
      This isn’t for most people, I think, and there are moments I don’t think it is for me, to be honest. But, overall, the Camino is fantastic…it will be an experience that will be a big part of me forever.
      Hi to Jeff!


  2. Cynthia

    Just 80 miles–too funny! Good luck.


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