Finding Our Way: Camino de Santiago

These concrete markers reassure us that we are headed in the right direction.



Our guide book promised that the Camino was well marked and the yellow arrows would be easy to follow. Mostly, we've found that to be true but even seasoned veterans run the risk of wandering off course if lost in thought…or conversation.


Communities seem to care for their portion of the Camino with varying degrees of enthusiasm. We've seen the shell symbols embedded in sidewalks and along fencing. We've learned that unless they are accompanied by the painted yellow arrows, we can be led off course. The arrows appear in a number of places; on the sidewalk, high up or down low on walls, below stop signs, painted rocks or trees…you name it!

Pilgrims must keep watch for directional arrows.

Fortunately, we've yet to wander too far off course, although we have needed to ask directions a few times. While everyone has been very helpful, our limited Spanish has resulted in some pretty comical gestures from the locals.




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4 thoughts on “Finding Our Way: Camino de Santiago

  1. Betty

    Not quite the “yellow brick road” keep on following… incredible journey for sure!


    • Definitely not the yellow brick road tonight…we find ourselves in a room with bunk beds and no heat 😦 all part of the journey! Nearly ready to burn these clothes!!!


  2. Collette LaRocque

    Thanks for sharing about your Camino! I loved the picture of the shell.

    I want to walk the Camino… someday I will! Collette


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