This and That: Camino de Santiago

There have been mornings when getting out of bed has been difficult. A restless night, a cold room, tired feet, an aching back, snoring, wind, rain and for some (fortunately, not us), even snow, cause weary Pilgrims to think twice about lacing up his or her boots!

However, the promise of each new day keeps us all going forward; toward Santiago…toward the end. The journey has been filled with so many memories. Had I stopped to take photos of everything that caught my eye, Reg and I would be 2 weeks behind schedule! As it is, we should arrive in Santiago in four or five more days. I expect to find more surprises along the way. More memories to be made…a good reason to get out of bed!

We pause for a quick photo at the Monumento do Peregrino. An impromptu concert draws a crowd one Sunday afternoon. We were discussing these wooden shoes when the owner told us they were called galoshes. As we wind our way down through another village, all we can see are the angles of the roofs.


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2 thoughts on “This and That: Camino de Santiago

  1. Leah

    Wow! I can’t believe you guys are so close. It seems like just a little while ago that you were leaving. Hugs!


    • Hi Leah,
      We will arrive in Santiago on Monday if all goes well. It is raining this morning, but we hope it follows the forecast and stops soon. There are times we just don’t want this journey to end.
      Love, Reg and Sue


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