Crowds Can’t Dampen Spirit: Camino de Santiago

Springtime is in full swing in the lower elevations. We've been fortunate to have had only a few days of drizzle.

As we head down the home stretch, we've said goodbye to nearly all familiar faces. We spent a couple laughter-filled afternoons with two Englishmen (center of left photo) before they sped ahead in an effort to reach Santiago in time for the Sunday morning service. We've been playing leapfrog for several days with the Dutchman sitting to their left.

More and more we see Pilgrims wearing simple daypacks and walking in large groups. Leaving Portomarin Thursday morning we encountered a crush of Pilgrims, all charging ahead toward the upcoming coffee stop. (top right photo) I told Reg that I felt as though we were running from the bulls in the streets of Pamplona. What happened to our peaceful Camino? After a small adjustment to our schedule, tranquility returned, along with the sunshine! Buen Camino.


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4 thoughts on “Crowds Can’t Dampen Spirit: Camino de Santiago

  1. gittaxgitta

    Ah, the “Daypack” – recognize the phenomenon… being passed by a pack of voracious wolves and hyenas and jackals in search of prey ( a bed) leaving us old lions and lionesses behind .. the camino succumbs to the law of the jungle…. every man for himself and the devil takes the hindmost…. those were at least my thoughts in 2005 upon entering the last 100 km. race for the big game….
    and it hasn´t gotten any better I hear…. go for it friends……


    • Hi Gitta. Reg and I are back on track with our peaceful Camino. Love the smaller villages that are so often overlooked by those following “the stages.” I can’t believe we are nearly at the end. We’ve come too far to let anything discourage us! We think of you and James often…


  2. Despite the weather, I still looks beautiful and I remain inspired. Buen Camino!


    • Thanks frugalfirstclass. We’ve felt very fortunate with the weather…very little rain; mostly just a steady drizzle and only a few days of that!


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