Churches, Bell Towers and Steeples: Camino de Santiago

They've served as our guideposts for the past four weeks. Most often perched upon a hill, signaling yet another climb up to a new village. Mostly we've simply admired them in passing, sometimes peeking inside when the opportunity allowed. Often they have marked our destination for the evening.
The churches of the Camino are as varied and beautiful as the people and landscapes of Spain. They remind us of the true path of the Camino; a path we've felt honored to have traveled.

Every city, town and village has a church. They're built in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique design.

Often the church bells actually rang. Other times we found them to be recordings, but either way, the sounds add a unique flavor to the Camino.



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4 thoughts on “Churches, Bell Towers and Steeples: Camino de Santiago

  1. trish

    This has been a wonderful experience for me!!!! I have so enjoyed my daily walk with you and i have no blisters or sore back etc!!! Safe journey home to you both.


  2. Carolyn

    I have loved every blog. it was especially interesting to read a blog from Sue and then a blog from Reg. It kept my attention and made me feel like I was a part of the journey. I even got to put my two cents in the pot. I missed the quiz and my answer would have been a smoke house because my Grandmother had one that later became a playhouse for me but it never lost the name of smoke house. It contained food stored for the winter as well as dried fruit and tomatoes. The answer popped up before i got to the end of the comments. It has been lots of fun and very educational to travel the Camino with you. Looking forward to Santiago and the cathedral. Good job Mr. and Mrs. S.


    • Thank you, Carolyn. We arrived in Santiago today and it all feels a bit surreal. I will take awhile, I think.
      Love, Reg and Sue


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