How to Say Goodbye? Camino de Santiago

We hadn't seen New Zealanders Sue and Geoff in a week until they caught up with us last night. It had been over two weeks since we chatted with this group of Canadians and Americans. I shared a quick hug with our 22 year old Irish friend. Reg and I pose for a photo at the cathedral in Santiago.

This morning was different. As we tied our shoes and struggled into our backpacks, we knew this would be our last day of walking. Reaching Santiago was always the goal…until we started the Camino. I think we realized, after our first night in the Albergue outside of Pamplona, that this journey would be about so much more than simply reaching Santiago.

We've each had our struggles; everything from blisters to coed bathrooms (it's true!). The Camino tests everyone, and spares no one. But at the end of each day there is a bed (usually warm!), a meal, friendly conversation and laughter…and an eagerness to get up and do all again the next morning.

We walked into Santiago this afternoon with a mixture of joy and sadness. We had done it! But now what? That is the question we Pilgrims are asking each other as we prepare to go our separate ways.



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21 thoughts on “How to Say Goodbye? Camino de Santiago

  1. Walk on to Finisterre if you have the time…


    • Hi Rider…Call me a wimp, but I think the only way I’ll get to Finisterre is by bus. I admire those who plan to continue the walk to the end!

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  2. What makes the Camino is people like you, with their enthusiasm, open and positive mindset, the desire/ability to mix in, and most important, the appetite for enjoying what you see and experience no-matter how different from your ken, no-matter how tough the going might have been


  3. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Well done. You guys are amazing. What an achievement. Malcolm.


  4. Alex

    All Right Reg & Sue! Congratulations on making it to the end and achieving your goal!! I enjoyed your blog (pictures and narrative) very much.

    Where to from here – back home, or off to another spot where you can relax for awhile?


    • Thanks much, Alex! We went to the pilgrim service at the cathedral today. Wow! Very moving. The nun who sang had an angelic voice.


  5. Nancy Hardwick

    Congratulations! Great job! You should be so proud of yourselves! Enjoy your days of leisure (I hope) before you head home! Nancy Hardwick


  6. Bonnie

    You did it! Congratulations! Enjoy some time sleeping a little later and wandering around discovering new places before you have to head home.


  7. Jeannie

    Well done! Enjoy just taking in what you’ve done now. It’ll be like “shavasana” in yoga – relax and enjoy what this adventure has done for you in so many ways. Then…high tail it back home where tom turkeys are displaying in your yard and bobcats are sneaking through:)


  8. Jamey

    Still in awe that you started this pilgrimage across Spain….and now this part is done…sending heattfelt congratulations ! But, now time to stop for awhile? What will the next journey be? Selfishly, I want your blog posts to continue!


    • Jamey, we’re kind of in awe of this whole adventure ourselves. Loved this trip! Sad to see it end and we’ll miss the quaint villages we have passed through, but looking forward to home sweet home.


  9. Teri Matteson

    Yeh, Reg and Sue! Congratulations on making it to the end!! I will miss your blog and pictures, but will be glad to have you back home again soon. I have missed you!


  10. Cynthia

    Congratulations! God bless you both. We look forward to visiting with you stateside and hearing more.


    • Thank you Cynthia. We went to the Pilgrim Mass this morning…very moving, although I haven’t a clue what was being said. I’m sure it was all good!


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