Christiania: A unique blend of life in Copenhagen

Vehicles and art come in many forms within Christiania.

Our friend James said we were entering another nation today on our tour of Copenhagen, but it felt like another world. Christiania has nearly 900 residents and is sometimes called a commune, set on more than 80 acres in the capital of Denmark.

The area has a military history dating to the early 17th century. The people live in many homemade houses. The community collects rent and makes money from restaurants, stores and things made by the residents.

Visitors are prohibited from taking photos in the Green Light District, which has funky eateries as well as stands selling marijuana cigars, hashish and other associated goodies. Related aromas fill the air. The drugs are illegal in Denmark, but within Christiania are openly consumed and sold. Rival outside groups have wrested control of the drug trade.

We also refrained from photographing the residential areas. The homes come in many styles, sizes and degrees of completion. Gardens and courtyards are common and residents span several generations.

Christiania: You have to take your senses there to believe it.

James and Sue check out the Christiania bikes, sold to make money for the community.



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