Copenhagen streets go wild: It’s Distortion 2014

This was the stage next the building where we stay in Copenhagen.

Our hosts James and Gitta join the street fun while a Danish guy shows off his muscle Chevy. Two in a booth pose for Sue.

We walked out the front door Thursday night into the biggest street party of the year in Copenhagen. Along with hosts James and Gitta, we waded through massive crowds, part of the five-day Distortion 2014 covering many blocks. Dozens of stages offering live and recorded music attracted tens of thousands of mostly young people in fun-loving, admittedly intoxicated states. The atmosphere was friendly and peaceful. James says the streets are clean by 7 a.m. the next day. Then the party moves to another part of the city for more music and fun.

Sue joins James and Gitta for beer, wine and a Tempt Quick and Dirty drink that Gitta is holding. Sue thought it tasted like NyQuil.








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4 thoughts on “Copenhagen streets go wild: It’s Distortion 2014

  1. Bill Kastanes

    Are Distortion a band?

    BillDate: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 05:08:38 +0000 To:


    • 2orangebags

      Not as far as I know. I am not sure why the event is called Distortion.


  2. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Looks quite Bohemian, — a bit like the 60’s (perhaps ???). So i’ve been told.


    • 2orangebags

      Christiania had a bit of a Bohemian feel, but our Danish friends said it is not really Bohemian in many ways.
      As for Distortion, it is modern in feel and music. I am not sure many, if any, U.S. cities would allow such an event. American youths may not handle the crowds, drinking and loud music so peacefully, either.


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