A Saturday stroll reveals a rainbow of fall color

Now that our home renovation project is complete, we took advantage of this beautiful fall morning to wander downtown…now only a ten minute walk! The local paper promised a lot of activity, and we wanted to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the forecasted rain arrives. In true Ashland style, the day provided something for everyone. To fortify ourselves we indulged in a delicious cinnamon roll, irresistibly displayed at the Saturday Market.

Ashland's Saturday Market offers a harvest of local produce, flowers, food, crafts and more.

Rainbows of every size and shape were proudly displayed.





We're learning that Ashland loves its parades. The fifth annual Southern Oregon Pride Festival hosted a parade through downtown this morning. A rollicking display of colorful entries with spirited participants filled the streets, waving and shouting to a cheering crowd.


Everyone enjoyed the creative pageantry on display.

We followed the parade to Lithia Park where more Pride events were planned. We continued beyond the festivities, enjoying the changing season as fall color took over.

Mother Nature put on her own show today in Lithia Park and beyond.





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12 thoughts on “A Saturday stroll reveals a rainbow of fall color

  1. cathy owens

    What a lovely day you had, thanks for sharing…so happy for you two! Miss you!


    • 2orangebags

      Thanks Cathy…it was a nice day. I hope we’ll see you and Greg before too long!


  2. Trish



  3. Bonnie

    Beautiful color on the trees! (and in the parade too!) Glad you are enjoying your new town.


  4. Nancy Hardwick

    Hi Sue and Reg;

    Love following your posts; sounds like you like your new home and that’s good news! Your fall colors look similar to ours!

    Enjoy, Nancy


    • 2orangebags

      Hi Nancy! I think this will prove to be a good move for us. Fun to live in a city again!


  5. Ellen

    So jealous of the fall colors. I can’t wait until I see some leaves change. Sound like you’re settling in pretty good; the kitchen cabinets look awesome as does the floor. I’d like to see the pic of Scotland hanging above the couch too. I would love to visit this fall but time is slipping away and the holiday season is upon us. Stay happy and keep in touch!
    P.S. How are your classes going????


    • 2orangebags

      I think Reg is planning to do a “new home” post soon. I’m sure he’ll include his treasured Scotland photo as part of it. It does look great! Will email more later!!


  6. Malcolm & Barbara.

    How can you complete a renovation project that quickly ??? Ashland looks great. All the best.


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