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There’s No Place Like Home

Cool nights and warm sunny days have kept us close to home where we are enjoying an abundance of fall color.


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Yellow cautions winter’s approach

Leaves stubbornly cling to branches, creating bright patches of fall color across an increasingly bare Ashland landscape. Enjoy them while you can…winter is on the way.


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Current Events

The latest storm brought strong winds and three (plus or minus) inches of rain to Ashland. Luckily, all remained quiet at our condo complex; no fallen trees or dropped limbs to disrupt our morning coffee. Unfortunately, others around town weren't quite so lucky.

We took advantage of the break in the weather to stretch our legs, soak up a little sunshine and explore the raging waters flowing down Ashland Creek.

Ashland Creek roars below Calle Guanajuato after several days of rain.

Water thundered through Lithia Park and through downtown Ashland

The second of three storms is predicted to arrive Sunday evening.

We'll keep you posted if the water continues to rise.





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Ashland warms to winter recreation

Mt. Ashland, at about 7,500 feet, is about a 40-minute drive from town.


Ice skates, snowboards and skis are signs of winter in Ashland, Oregon. Daily and evening ice-skating runs through March across from Lithia Park while Mount Ashland has opened all four of its lifts. Due to lack of snow last year, the ski resort did not open for the first time in 60 years.

Brad and Leah enjoyed night skating the day after Christmas.





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A Saturday stroll reveals a rainbow of fall color

Now that our home renovation project is complete, we took advantage of this beautiful fall morning to wander downtown…now only a ten minute walk! The local paper promised a lot of activity, and we wanted to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before the forecasted rain arrives. In true Ashland style, the day provided something for everyone. To fortify ourselves we indulged in a delicious cinnamon roll, irresistibly displayed at the Saturday Market.

Ashland's Saturday Market offers a harvest of local produce, flowers, food, crafts and more.

Rainbows of every size and shape were proudly displayed.





We're learning that Ashland loves its parades. The fifth annual Southern Oregon Pride Festival hosted a parade through downtown this morning. A rollicking display of colorful entries with spirited participants filled the streets, waving and shouting to a cheering crowd.


Everyone enjoyed the creative pageantry on display.

We followed the parade to Lithia Park where more Pride events were planned. We continued beyond the festivities, enjoying the changing season as fall color took over.

Mother Nature put on her own show today in Lithia Park and beyond.





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Bring a blanket, grab a seat; It’s the Green Show

Project Trio from Brooklyn, N.Y. was a hit at a recent Green Show.

The Green Show audience gathers in a grass amphitheater in the Shakespeare Festival complex.

The arts enrich Ashland in so many ways and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival plays a huge part. Eleven plays, including three from Shakespeare, are part of a 10-month program from February through November. Last year, about 110,000 people bought nearly 410,000 tickets for shows at the three theaters. The festival was a nearly $90 million boost to the local economy.

But one of the best parts is free: the Green Show, performed six evenings a week at the Shakespeare complex.

St. Cinder did their own green show downtown, attracting a crowd and plenty of cash during an entertaining performance.

This classic VW van and smaller twin are quintessential Ashland.



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Lithia Park and Beyond…

Oregon's city of Ashland greeted us with clear blue skies this morning. The first perfectly sunny day we've had since arriving a little over a week ago. A great day to lace up the hiking boots and take advantage of the 25+ miles of trails centered around the city's beautiful Lithia Park.

Located in the heart of downtown, Ashland's Lithia Park encompasses 93 acres of natural beauty.

We stopped in the local outdoor store where we were advised to catch the Brandersnatch Trail at the upper end of the park. The gal who sold us our map assured us that she had recently run the trail and it was an easy, well-marked path with gentle switchbacks.

We reached the swimming hole at the top end of the park and continued up...and up...and up! We caught glimpses of Ashland through the trees.

Switchbacks, yes…there were many. In fact, the trail seemed to be nothing but switchbacks! Each time we thought we had reached the top, the trail led us around another set of hairpin turns. Reg wondered who the “lucky folks” were who carried up the picnic table we found perched atop the mountain.

It was a bit of a workout for us, but good training for our upcoming trek through the Scottish Highlands. Once back in town, we rewarded ourselves for a job well done with a little snack and a steaming cup of hot coffee. We're loving the city life!


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