Lithia Park and Beyond…

Oregon's city of Ashland greeted us with clear blue skies this morning. The first perfectly sunny day we've had since arriving a little over a week ago. A great day to lace up the hiking boots and take advantage of the 25+ miles of trails centered around the city's beautiful Lithia Park.

Located in the heart of downtown, Ashland's Lithia Park encompasses 93 acres of natural beauty.

We stopped in the local outdoor store where we were advised to catch the Brandersnatch Trail at the upper end of the park. The gal who sold us our map assured us that she had recently run the trail and it was an easy, well-marked path with gentle switchbacks.

We reached the swimming hole at the top end of the park and continued up...and up...and up! We caught glimpses of Ashland through the trees.

Switchbacks, yes…there were many. In fact, the trail seemed to be nothing but switchbacks! Each time we thought we had reached the top, the trail led us around another set of hairpin turns. Reg wondered who the “lucky folks” were who carried up the picnic table we found perched atop the mountain.

It was a bit of a workout for us, but good training for our upcoming trek through the Scottish Highlands. Once back in town, we rewarded ourselves for a job well done with a little snack and a steaming cup of hot coffee. We're loving the city life!


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5 thoughts on “Lithia Park and Beyond…

  1. Malcolm & Barbara.

    So good training for your, “upcoming treck through the Scottish Highlands”. So what are your dates and what treck are you doing ??


    • 2orangebags

      Hi Barbara and Malcolm! Yes, we are getting ready for another trek. We’ve decided on The West Highland Way and The Great Glen Way…walking them back-to-back. We begin walking May 8th or 9th and are heading to Fife afterwards. We hope to see you and will write with details soon. Sue


      • Malcolm @

        I’ve done the West Highland Way. Now the Great Glen Way right after, that’s challenging.


  2. Nancy Hardwick

    Wow! Beautiful and how great that all that is right in downtown Ashland! I so enjoy your posts so keep them coming!


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