Ashland flights

No, we're not flying off on another adventure, but we did discover a great deal on flights in Ashland. Flights of beer that is. A recent visit from our friends Doug and Kathy prompted an afternoon trip to Ashland's own Standing Stone Brewing Company.

Doug wanted to taste some local brew and this was a bonanza! Reg was thrilled to have a drinking buddy and Kathy and I were good sports, joining in the fun. The restaurant serves great food, so we ordered a couple appetizers to pair with our tasting…then headed off to catch the free Green Show on the grass in front of the Shakespeare theater.

Standing Stone Brewing Company is a popular spot in downtown Ashland.


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2 thoughts on “Ashland flights

  1. Ellen

    We will definitely have to partake in a little “flight tasting” while we’re there! We’re looking forward to our visit. More details later …


    • 2orangebags

      Yes, we thought you two might be interested in taking flight…see you soon.


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