The Huts of the White Mountains

This post about the Appalachian Trail makes me consider accessibility. Why can’t more trails like this one become more accessible to trekkers of various abilities and needs? America has a chance to make some of its treks emulate some of the qualities of long-distance walks like the Camino de Santiago in Spain, with a variety of accommodations for trekkers.

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DSCF3995 Mizpah Hut

Earlier today, the Appalachian Mountain Club tweeted photos from their Huts, which set me reminiscing about my perception of the Huts over the last few years.  I suppose, like many hikers, I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the Huts.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that  the existence of the AMC Huts in New Hampshire is one of the most contentious topics among thru-hikers.  It ranks somewhere above whether it’s more important to shower or do laundry and somewhere below whether to bring a stove, use a pack cover, and sleep in a tent or hammock.

The High Huts serve as places to escape from the wind and cold of the White Mountains.  They are often staffed by friendly croos, each of which is generally comprised of four young hikers, some of whom (like Sunbeam and Gluten Puff) have thru-hiked before.  During the…

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One thought on “The Huts of the White Mountains

  1. Malcolm & Barbara.

    No huts like that up Glen Clova, but there is a nice wee hotel where we had lunch last Saturday when we were out for a hill walk. I was thinking of you but did not role down in the heather !! There was some snow. Thanks for your family Christmas card. Cheers.


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