Southwest tour: Trucks fly by and time zigs and zags

Vermilion National Monument in northern Arizona offered a colorful foundation for a crystal clear blue sky.

It would be understood if your jaw tired from all the “Oh, my” exclamations during the drive from Cedar Springs, Utah to Page, Arizona. Our two blog posts from the journey are just a sample. We set a family record for viewpoint turnouts. Our camera does not do it justice.

A couple of notes from the day:

— Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be passed by tail-gating trucks doing at least 85-90 miles per hour? Come to Utah if you want the experience. The speed limit on Highway 15 in Utah is 80 miles per hour, for trucks as well. Except for urban areas, where the limit is just 75.

— How about this for a time-travel challenge? A sign at the Nevada/Utah border Wednesday reminded us to move our clocks ahead one hour for Mountain time. OK, done. Today, we went back one hour because Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, but is still on Mountain time. We are heading to Canyon de Chelly National Monument tomorrow, which is still in Arizona, but on Navajo land. The Navajos observe Daylight Saving Time, so the clocks go ahead again. When we leave the Navajo area on Sunday, the clocks go back to Arizona time, but we will have to go forward an hour when we cross into Utah and Colorado that afternoon. Confused?

The Colorado River as seen from one of two Navajo bridges in northern Arizona.


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7 thoughts on “Southwest tour: Trucks fly by and time zigs and zags

  1. Good lord the Colorado River is so intensely blue! Gorgeous. Can you swim there? That probably sounds very ignorant ><


    • 2orangebags

      We are glad you enjoyed the photo. The river was moving too fast (and probably cold) for swimming today.

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  2. Page AZ is a hidden gem, there’s so many things you can do in that area, I’m putting together a series of blogs of my road trip I took last year through the southwest and we spent 3 nights there, could have spent more


    • 2orangebags

      This is our first time here, but we were surprised by the many motels and restaurants. It is a beautiful area. It sounds like Lake Powell is a major attraction.


      • The lake plus river rafting down the Colorado, Antelope Canyon, horse shoe bend and so many more


  3. Kathy Chappell

    We loved this whole area. We visited the Vermillion cliffs too and Canyon do Chelly is one of our all time favorite places. Be sure to hike down to the White House (ruins). Did you know the Edwards were just there a few days ago? Have fun exploring!


  4. 2orangebags

    Thanks, Kathy. We are taking a jeep tour of Canyon de Chelly in the morning, then doing the hike to the White House ruins. We went to Monument Valley today. Great weather so far!


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