Monument Valley provides iconic views

We took a short side trip yesterday as we continued across Arizona. Anyone who has ever watched a western will recognize the soaring buttes and mesas of Monument Valley. This landscape has provided a backdrop for movies, TV shows and commercials since the 1930s.

The formations all have names. These are Left Mitten, Right Mitten and Merrick Butte.

The valley is situated on Navajo Reservation land so access is somewhat limited. For a fee, there is a 17-mile drive along a dirt road that will get you a view from down below. Navajo guides are also available for tours. Personally, I think horseback would be the way to explore!

We say goodbye to Monument Valley and head east.



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2 thoughts on “Monument Valley provides iconic views

  1. Cynthia

    Once you are familiar with this landscape, it’s a hoot to watch American westerns. Some scenes will be shot in the Monument Valley, others at Four Corners, other in Arizona– all for a film taking place in Kansas! It’s “The West.”


  2. 2orangebags

    Good point, Cynthia. Another take: At one point, Kansas was the West, until the west was “won.”


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