Arches’ grandeur thrives superlatively

Delicate Arch welcomes the morning sun as snow-capped mountains form a backdrop.

Sue stands on a ledge on the path to Delicate Arch.

Violent forces lasting millions of years have produced one of the most peaceful and inspiring sites on Earth, Arches National Park in Utah.

We knew that small parking lots at trail heads fill up quickly on busy days so we left early this morning, thinking a Monday would be a good bet. It worked.

Formed by water and ice, extreme temperatures and salt movement underground, more than 2,000 arches grace the park.

We started with the most popular, Delicate Arch, and the three-mile trek was almost as spectacular as the destination. By the time we returned to our car, the parking spaces were full. The park is expanding the lot, making us speculate about the resulting crowded conditions at the arch.

Another trek took us to Landscape Arch, the park's longest, at 306 feet.

At the Fiery Furnace, top photo, we learned the redness in the rocks is caused by oxidized iron. They turn white when the iron is washed out.

This park has much more than arches, as you will see when you visit the Courthouse Towers.


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5 thoughts on “Arches’ grandeur thrives superlatively

  1. Nancy Hardwick

    You guys take wonderful pictures and I love your commentary! Keep them coming. What a great trip!


  2. 2orangebags

    Thanks so much, Nancy! We have loved the outdoor days on the trails on this trip. Hope things are warming up in Illinois.
    All our best,
    Reg and Sue


  3. Debbie Gudger

    Such beauty! We’re loving your posts! Debbie

    Sent from my iPad



  4. 2orangebags

    Thank you, Debbie! Hope your trip is going well. We are looking forward to hearing about it. We are starting home today, with a few pit stops. Hello to Ken.


  5. We were just there and loved every minute of it. Great photos of Delicate Arch! When we were there there were hundreds of people hiking up to see it. So we decided to do the Upper view further up the road. I still got some great shots… but I would have loved to have done that hike!!


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