Goblins haunt ancient sea

Weather was changing and the Moab report was threatening snow showers. Gusty winds were also predicted so we packed up and headed west. It was time to get home…but not right away! There was still more to see!!

Formations like this are what led Arthur Chaffin to refer to this area as Mushroom Valley when he stumbled upon it in the late 1920s.

Goblin Valley State Park, in Utah, has been on my list of “must see” attractions since we started talking about our southwest adventure. We had circled all around it and today we made the detour, enduring gusty winds I might add, to visit the Goblins.

Deposits from an ancient sea 170 million years ago combined with the forces of nature to create this one-of-a-kind landscape. It almost has to be seen to be believed.



The Goblins stretch as far as the eye can see.


Top photo: Where's Reg??? We couldn't believe there weren't more restrictions limiting our footsteps as we toured the Goblins.






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4 thoughts on “Goblins haunt ancient sea

  1. Jeannie O. Harsha

    I love this place! Jenner & I went there during gov. shutdown (she was suddenly jobless & I had October break!) of 2013. It was shortly after some boyscouts had toppled a goblin/mushroom. Such an interesting place. Went to deadhorse point too & I wrote a poem about it. I’ll dig it up for you:)


    • 2orangebags

      I wish we could have stayed longer. It is a very cool place. The wind was blowing SO hard…every time we opened our mouth to say “Wow, look at that one!” more sand and grit blew between our teeth!


  2. Debbie Gudger

    How amazing! We’ll have to see a map of your Trip…have never heard of the goblins! We fly to Sicily this morning for 6 days with just our friends-tour ended yesterday and now we’re on our own. Debbie

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    • 2orangebags

      I had not heard of this park either until a couple years ago when a Boy Scout leader posted a video of himself knocking a Goblin over! Sheesh! It went viral and he got in lots of trouble…however, the park got lots of publicity.
      Have fun in Sicily. I imagine a slow-paced lifestyle awaits!! Sounds heavenly!


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