Ashland snow is a welcome sight

Continuing snowfall greatly reduced our view out front this morning.






The rain was pounding down last night. At least that's what Reg told me this morning, amazed that I had slept through the deluge.

We lived nearly twenty-five years in the mountains of the Sierra, so when we woke up this morning we recognized the unmistakable quiet that seemed to surround us.

Sure enough, a quick peek out the window confirmed our suspicions…our first major snowfall since moving to Ashland.

“I'm glad we kept our snow shovels,” said Reg as we wondered if Ashland plowed the city streets.

“Well, (I reminded Reg) we kept your shovel but I think we gave mine away.”

Out back the trees and bushes droop under the weight of wet snow.

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10 thoughts on “Ashland snow is a welcome sight

  1. Kathy Chappell

    Wow! So beautiful! Storm expected here tonight while we are on our way to the Bracebridge dinner.


  2. Carolyn Shupe

    I shoveled snow with my Dad when i was young and things like that were fun. The snow sure is beautiful.Since September I have had a house full of family.. Rob and his dog SKY,a Husky moved in with Cathy. Char is in my extra bedroom since March. My theme song goes—“Cathy and Rob together again.”


    • Reg and Sue

      Well, well, that is certainly big news, Carolyn! Let’s see, then, they cook and clean up for you, right?


  3. Debbie Gudger

    So sorry we missed it!! Hope it’s still snowing! 68 in SO CA and sunny. Back to Oakhurst tomorrow-maybe snow there…

    Sent from my iPhone.



  4. Carole

    You have to make a snowman!! I’ll look forward to the photos!xx

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    • Reg and Sue

      It is a bit slushy for a snowman, but we did see one in town on our walk this afternoon.


  5. Pretty! Up here in Bellingham, we just have the ongoing deluge of rain… 😦


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