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A Glorious Morning



With more than a hint of fall in the air, it was a glorious morning to walk up the hill above our home.

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Ashland has me seeing red

There is nothing more spectacular than fall color, rinsed clean by gentle rains and positively glowing against gray skies.

I took advantage of a break in our weather this morning to stretch my legs and to see what Mother Nature has been up to in our Ashland neighborhood. I hope you'll enjoy what I found!

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Spring brings the top of southern Oregon into focus

Mount Ashland offers some challenging ski runs, including a steep drop off just behind us.

Trees frame Mount McLaughlin in the distance.

Skis mark a lunch stop on Mount Ashland.

We revisited Mount Ashland today after we aborted a recent summit attempt due to wind, cold and terrible visibility.

What a difference two weeks make!

Our snowshoes and encouragement from friends Judy and Chris got us to the top at about 7,500 feet, where more than 22 feet of snow fell this winter.

The ski resort is closed on Wednesdays, but skiers face good conditions for some spring skiing tomorrow. It is just a 40-minute drive from downtown Ashland, Oregon.

A beer and pizza stop at Growler Guys on the way home topped off a glorious day.


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Mount Ashland snow hard to resist

We made our snowshoe plans with Chris and Judy last night. Although the weather report looked a little iffy this morning, I guess none of us wanted to be the one to wimp out…and that's how we found ourselves up above the Mt. Ashland ski area where the snow was beautiful but the weather was just a little bit ugly.

We were anticipating breathtaking views, but Mother Nature had different plans for us.

We strapped our snowshoes on and started hopes of climbing up and out of the fog.

The icicles hanging from the evergreens were beautiful.

We never found the clear skies we were hoping for but there were plenty of smiles on the return trip.


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Green Springs Inn is Blanketed in White

It's remained so cold that the trees are still weighed down with snow.

Temperatures have stubbornly remained low since our snow storm, causing Reg to forego his daily bike ride and making me think twice about my morning walk. The roads however, are mostly clear, so we decided to give the Subaru a little workout.

Our lunch destination, Green Springs Inn, is just twenty miles from home, but as we climbed above the valley we quickly entered another world.

Besides a handful of locals and a young man hoping to catch a ride to Klamath Falls, we were the only diners.

Mailboxes looked like igloos lined up along the road.


The Marionberry Pie was irresistible.

Oregon is known for its Marionberry, the most common type of blackberry produced in the state. Restaurants and farmers markets offer a variety of Marionberry jams and baked goods…if you're lucky enough to order before they sell out. Which brings me to the best part of our lunch (although the food was great too).

Reg wouldn't share dessert, so I had to order my own piece of pie…oh darn!

It was delicious and yes, I ate it all!


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Snow gives new life in Lithia Park

Our afternoon walk to Lithia Park led us to these two new residents.

A pond in Ashland's Lithia Park makes an idyllic winter setting.


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Ashland snow is a welcome sight

Continuing snowfall greatly reduced our view out front this morning.






The rain was pounding down last night. At least that's what Reg told me this morning, amazed that I had slept through the deluge.

We lived nearly twenty-five years in the mountains of the Sierra, so when we woke up this morning we recognized the unmistakable quiet that seemed to surround us.

Sure enough, a quick peek out the window confirmed our suspicions…our first major snowfall since moving to Ashland.

“I'm glad we kept our snow shovels,” said Reg as we wondered if Ashland plowed the city streets.

“Well, (I reminded Reg) we kept your shovel but I think we gave mine away.”

Out back the trees and bushes droop under the weight of wet snow.

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