Mount Ashland snow hard to resist

We made our snowshoe plans with Chris and Judy last night. Although the weather report looked a little iffy this morning, I guess none of us wanted to be the one to wimp out…and that's how we found ourselves up above the Mt. Ashland ski area where the snow was beautiful but the weather was just a little bit ugly.

We were anticipating breathtaking views, but Mother Nature had different plans for us.

We strapped our snowshoes on and started hopes of climbing up and out of the fog.

The icicles hanging from the evergreens were beautiful.

We never found the clear skies we were hoping for but there were plenty of smiles on the return trip.


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6 thoughts on “Mount Ashland snow hard to resist

  1. Nancy Hardwick

    Beautiful & very fun! I bet it was quiet & peaceful out there! I love that.


  2. Ellen

    So … how far is this from Ashland or Medford? That’s way too much snow for everyday living!


    • Reg and Sue

      About a forty minute drive from our house. Mount Ashland has about six feet of snow at the bottom of the ski slope and about ten feet at the top…last year it only opened for a few days due to lack of snow. Would never want all this in my front yard!


  3. Malcolm.

    Looks fantastic. A bit different from Glen Clova and Glen Doll Cheers Malcolm.


    • Reg and Sue

      A different kind of beauty, that’s for sure. Best to you and Barbara! Reg and Sue


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