Castle Crags: A granite monument from Jurassic times

The rugged Crags are granite bodies, or plutons, from the Jurassic time.

Like Yosemite's Half Dome, Castle Dome cooled underground.




We headed about 90 miles into California from Oregon for a training hike last weekend. As the challenge of an Alps trek next month nears, Castle Crags State Park gave us a chance to test our lungs and legs in the Shasta National Forest.

The seven-mile walk took us up about 2,500 feet to reach the granite formations more than 170 million years old. A collision of an oceanic plate with North America created the Crags.

The Crags Trail is all uphill and steep scrambling over rocks made the last mile quite difficult.

A food and beer fueling stop on the way home capped a tough, but rewarding day.


Crags Trail gets rockier and steeper when it emerges from the forest.

There are about 28 miles of trails in the Castle Crags Wilderness. The Pacific Crest Trail is part of the trail system.

The trail offers hikers several views of 14,000-feet-plus Mount Shasta.


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6 thoughts on “Castle Crags: A granite monument from Jurassic times

  1. Cynthia

    So wonderful to see you both so happy and a white Shasta!


    • Reg and Sue

      Thanks, Cynthia. We were actually huffing and puffing a bit. Enjoy Italy! Ciao!


  2. Debbie Gudger

    Hope we get to see you before you leave!! What happened to your knee? Preventative?? We’re having an amazing time-in Galway now and attended a fabulous concertina, accordion and dancing concert last night. Met Phyllis, a retired teacher from El Portal! Off to the Aran Islands today! Debbie

    Sent from my iPhone.



    • Reg and Sue

      It sounds like you’re immersing yourselves in the culture. Enjoy the Irish temps…it’s hot, hot, hot here 😦
      My knee(s) sometimes bother me, but there is no rhyme or reason as to when it happens. They have always behaved on our European treks. With lots of downhill this summer, I will probably be more aggressively preventative.
      When will you return? We have a quick trip to my Dad’s for Father’s Day wknd, then fly out June 28


  3. Nancy Hardwick

    Love your pictures & comments & look forward to following you on your next adventure! Hope we can see each other sometime in the future!


    • Reg and Sue

      Thanks Nancy. I hope we’ll see you again before too long…you never know!


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