France is a winner

When we grabbed a dinner table at this casual Paris cafe we had no idea we would soon be hooting and hollering with the local football fans. Their energy was hard to resist.

Little did we know when we planned our France trip that the Euro Cup would be in full swing during our stay. Even more exciting was Iceland's fairytale rise to the quarter finals where they met their match against France…a match that played out tonight.

We couldn't figure out what this cafe name meant, but we made the right choice for a fun-filled evening!

As game time approached and the big screen came down, we found ourselves with front row seats to the upcoming France v Iceland match. As more and more fans crowded the bar we became trapped among some of France's most rabid supporters.

The crowd went wild when France score a second goal.

As you can see, the rowdy crowd was thick behind us. What else could we do but order another glass of wine and cheer for the home team?

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6 thoughts on “France is a winner

  1. ken gudger

    Very colorful place. Was the hometown team yellow? Looks like a lot of fun. Deb and I are enjoying your frequent photos.


    • Reg and Sue

      Thanks Ken, it was fun. We arrived in Strasbourg today and are ready for a little slower, quieter pace…more like home.


  2. Nancy Hardwick

    I am so enjoying your pictures & commentary. Keep them coming!


    • Reg and Sue

      Hi Nancy, thanks so much for the encouragement…We may need it next week when we begin walking!!!!


  3. Malcolm Robertson

    Hi Reg and Sue, You guys sure get around. Paris is an exciting pace to visit. It is great following your journeys. Cheers.


  4. Reg and Sue

    Yeah, Malcolm! So good to hear from you. We are in Strasbourg for a week now before our Mont Blanc trek. We will try not to bore you to death with all our posts, but we get excited when we are in Europe. Hi to Barbara. Love, Reg and Sue


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