Strasbourg Cathedral Survives the Ages

The setting sun lights up Strasbourg Cathedral.


For nearly 600 years Strasbourg Cathedral has soared 466 feet above the cobbled streets of the city – an unmistakable landmark for the surrounding countryside.

Work began on this Gothic wonder in the year 1176 and continued until the cathedral's completion in 1429. It's hard to imagine the manpower needed (and sacrificed) during construction years.

Visitors are welcome to wander through the cathedral daily, at no charge, during specified hours.


While we found the clock interesting, the presentation was a bit long-winded.

Don't miss the 15th century astronomical clock, a high-tech marvel for its time. The clock was restored in 1883 and for a small fee visitors can enjoy a special noontime presentation of the clock and its features.



Somewhere out there is our apartment.

The high point for us (literally) was the 332-step circular staircase climb to the top of the narthex, a viewing platform with 360 degree views, extending for miles. There is a small charge for what amounts to quite an endurance test, but the rewards are well worth the physical investment.

This view shows the viewing platform just below the spire.

One lucky group was climbing up the spire...we would have followed them, but the gate was locked. Obviously, we don't know the right people!

The walk back down provided yet another view of Strasbourg Cathedral.


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8 thoughts on “Strasbourg Cathedral Survives the Ages

  1. Amazonwarriorblog

    Love it


  2. Carole

    Your photograph of the sun setting on the cathedral is magnificent!


  3. Frank Andersen

    Maybe it isn’t the right people that will get you through the gate, but the right God and entering his/her house more than a few times a year!😎 Frank Weott. I enjoy the view from the top.


    • Reg and Sue

      We will try to provide some more views from high perches next week from the Alps, Frank! We may need a prayer or two…


      • Frank n Adele

        U have them! We envy your enthusiasm and your energy to take on the Alps!


  4. Nancy Hardwick

    I am so much enjoying your pictures & comments! Keep them coming!


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