Backroads Across America: It’s the East Coast!

Cross country, coast to coast, backroads across America — whatever you call it, we have alas made it to the East Coast!

The Mt. Pleasant KOA (photos above), just east of Charleston, SC, is our home for the next three nights. We will have to cope with 80 degrees and low humidity. This is yet another lakeside campground where you put your toes in the water at risk, although we have looked carefully at all the logs on our walks around the swamps, and none moved.

We spent the last three nights in Georgia state parks and were most impressed. They rival the facilities in our home state of Oregon, except they have even more space per campsite.

Driving on backroads across the middle of Georgia? It was gorgeous: Lush green landscape, thick forests, rolling hills and some beautiful ranches, farms and homes.

We have logged about 4,500  miles in the Tacoma and Rockwood. Coming up on four weeks. So, how is the RV life? Sue says it is “the best way to experience the country.”


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6 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: It’s the East Coast!

  1. Deborah Gudger

    But you still HAVE to come home! Please???
    Seriously, so glad you’re having a wonderful trip…just don’t want you to go off and leave Ashland permanently!


    • Ha ha…we will definitely return! I think we are both loving this so much more than we could have imagined…but there is no place like home, where our good friends are!!! And a full-sized bathroom!


  2. Kathy Chappell

    East Coast-way to go! We love following your travels and your pictures are great.


  3. Jackie Bachman

    Love your adventure! question: did you notice many open carry guns when you went into towns in the South? Just curious….

    Sent from my iPad



    • Reg says no. I seem to remember someone somewhere with a gun/ holster but wouldn’t swear to it. There are many signs specifying “no firearms allowed” in various places, so that was encouraging!


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