Backroads Across America: A Day at the Beach



The Isle of Palms near Charleston, SC,  hosts miles of huge beachfront homes fronting small dunes and miles of beautiful beaches. Today, the water was warm, almost matching the near 80-degree air temperature.

We toured Fort Moultrie, which, along with Fort Sumter, was built to protect Charleston Harbor. Some of the cannons could fire balls weighing several hundred pounds up to four miles.

A bridge away on Sullivan Island, we found the buzzing Poe’s Tavern for lunch. Lots of Edgar Allen Poe illustrations hung on the walls. Why was it called Poe’s? Well, he served at Fort Moultrie for 13 months. I had no idea, did you?

We have decided we could be comfortable in one of the homes here, at least for part of the year. That dream settles as I write this in our tiny home just a few miles away, but in a slightly less glamorous setting.

Dreams aside, it sure felt great to splash in the warm Atlantic water!

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9 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: A Day at the Beach

  1. Kathy Chappell

    Allyce and I loved the Charleston area when we visited a few years ago. We especially enjoyed walking up and down the narrow streets in the historic district looking at the interesting houses.


  2. Huge Guns! Nice read.


  3. Jackie Bachman

    You are going to miss our snow coming tomorrow! Grizzly Peak is covered with fresh snoa and the skiers are thrilled with Mt Ashland slopes. And YOU TWO are enjoying 80 degree weather at the BEACH!

    I’m a little envious…..we leave Monday morning for Silver Falls. Looking forward to seeing Silverton and the Oregon Gardens.

    Cheers! Jackie

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  4. Hope you get some nice weather for your trip!


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